Camillo's Recipes

Ever since growing up in the mountains of Miranda, Italy, Camillo has loved to make everything from scratch. At his restaurant he offers everything from pasta to dessert made fresh daily with all of his own personal recipes. You can come and dine at the restaurant, order for pick up or buy packaged goods. Please read on to learn more!

Housemade Pasta

Since 2014, Camillo has been working hard at cultivating the perfect recipe for his homemade pasta. After a period of tirelessly testing out myriad recipes, Camillo finally stumbled upon the perfect one. Using only flour, water, eggs and a pasta machine shipped directly from Italy, Camillo does everything from making his own lasagna sheets to crafting signature dishes like Osso Bucco Ravioli and Black Squid-Ink Linguine. 


housemade tomato sauce

For Camillo, tomato sauce is at the base of almost every dish he cooks. He starts with cold, blanched tomatoes...adds olive oil, garlic, onions, salt and pepper and then lets it simmer for hours over a light heat. It's available in the majority of dishes he offers on the menu and you can purchase it packaged to go if you want to bring his signature sauce to your home.


housemade desserts

During his time at the Roccaraso Cooking School in Italy, Camillo was trained on how to prepare everything from fresh bread to the finest desserts. His Tiramisu has been called the "best outside of Italy" by customers on more than one occasion. Come in and give it a try!